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Golf tournament sponsors expect to receive exposure for the money they contribute to your golf event.  The best way to please them is through sponsor signage.  Each sign or banner should have the companie’s name or logo and their sponsor level.  It is very important to provide the best possible signage options that fit within your budget.  All signs should be a minimum of 18” x 24”, banners a minimum of 2’x 6’ and both printed in full color digital quality.  Sponsors that have contributed more money to the event should receive larger and more prominent signage.  For instance, your presenting sponsor would receive a 3’x 6’ custom banner, while your title sponsors would receive one (1) or two (2) 24”x 30” signs.  Your hole sponsors would receive one (1) 18”x 24” sign. 

Location is also very important when considering sponsor signage.  The presenting sponsor’s banner should be hung close to the registration area the day of the event, then brought to the area where dinner and awards will take place after golf.  In terms of other sponsor signage, most events will place a sponsor’s sign on the hole from where they will be starting.  It is vital that you provide each sponsor with quality signage that they would be proud to display as their own.  Giving your sponsors excellent exposure is the best way to ensure they will support your event for many years to come.

Below are some signage options for you to consider:

  1. Welcome Banner – Display this near the golfer registration area and be sure to have the name of the event and the Presenting or Title Sponsor logo displayed clearly.
  2. Sponsor Thank You Banner – To be displayed near the registration and dinner/awards ceremony areas.  This banner should have all the sponsor names/logos on it; the Presenting or Title Sponsors’ logos should be more prominent than the rest.
  3. Hole Sponsor Signs – To be displayed at the hole from where the sponsor will be starting.  Each sign will have the sponsor name or logo on it and be placed in full view on the tee box.
  4. Contest Sponsor Signs – These include hole-in-one, closest to the pin, longest drive, straightest drive, putting and guess your distance contests.  Each sign should have the sponsor name or logo on it and be positioned at the tee box where the contest is taking place.  The putting contest sponsor sign will be positioned at the practice green or at the green of the hole where the contest is taking place.
  5. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Sponsor Signs – To be displayed in and around the clubhouse while the golfers are being served their meal.  The sponsor name or logo will be on the sign and placed in full view. 
  6. Golf Cart Signs – To be displayed on each golf cart with sponsor name or logo.  Golf cart signs are typically 4”x 6” or 5” x 8”.  If your event has a beverage cart sponsor, you may display sponsor signs on the beverage carts.  Check with the golf course staff before ordering the signs.
  7. Raffle Ticket/52 Card Pick/Winner’s Square Signs – To be displayed where tickets, cards or squares are being sold.  You may want to add the Presenting or Title Sponsors logo to the sign.  If your prize was donated, be sure to add that person’s name or company logo to the sign.

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